Web Tech Demos

by Akseli Palén


Visualized graph search algorithms for undirected graphs. Pick a starting point and press start-button. 2013.

  • v0: limited depth-first search in an unweighted graph.
  • v1: limited breadth-first search in a weighted graph.
  • v3: limited breadth-first search in a weighted graph.
  • v4: unlimited breadth-first search in a unweighted graph.


A future predictor for a multidimensional binary sequence. 2019.

  • v0: combine predictions from those moments in history where things resemble the immediate past.
  • v1: weight dimensions based on their dependence.

Golden CSS

Can you base all CSS margins and sizes to the golden section? This was an alternative topic for my Bacherlor of Science thesis. 2011.


L-system based implentation of a tree-growing algorithm. HTML Canvas. 2016.


A proof-of-concept probabilistic user interface by using first and second order Markov chains. 2013.


A proof-of-concept of an auto-adapting UI button that adjusts itself towards the point of contact a little by little. 2013.

Semantic Text

To fight law text ambiguity, this is a concept of text where every meaning has its own reference link to a full description of the meaning. 2012.


An attempt to build associations between images by letting people to select the image that best matches the currently focused image. The name "Taataa" was later adopted by a world of square images. 2012.


A game(?) about player positioning and territory sizes. A sidetrack of an attempt to create dynamic button hitboxes. 2013.


Tests for algorithms that fill and index two-dimensional spaces by using single integer instead of two. 2013.

  • v0: like a snake
  • v1: next layer at corner
  • v2: next layer at corner


UI prototypes of how to flip a square image over. 2013.


Development of realistic inertia and friction when moving square images. 2013.


Algorithm to find the set of cells of a grid which are fully or partially inside the viewport. 2013.